Mohbad’s wife gets court summons for son’s DNA test

 In a development that has reignited a long-standing paternity dispute between the family of late Nigerian music star, Mohbad and his wife Wumi, reports have emerged alleging that a court summons for a DNA test was posted on the gate of Wunmi, the wife of the late singer, , who passed away under controversial circumstances last September. gathered that summons, reportedly initiated by Mohbad’s father, marked a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict over the paternity of Wunmi’s child.

Since Mohbad’s demise, tensions between his family and Wunmi have simmered, with the crux of the dispute revolving around Wunmi’s purported refusal to subject their son to a DNA test to confirm Mohbad’s biological paternity.

Despite alleged repeated entreaties from Mohbad’s family, Wunmi has reportedly remained steadfast in her refusal, asserting that she will not comply with any such test.

However, the emergence of the court summons, on Friday reportedly affixed to Wunmi’s residence, may have signifiedMohbad’s father’s recourse to legal avenues to compel Wunmi to submit their son for a DNA test.

While details surrounding the alleged court summons remain unconfirmed, the incident has reignited public interest in the ongoing dispute over the paternity of Mohbad’s son.

This move underscored the deep-seated animosity and distrust between the two parties, further exacerbated by the spectre of unresolved paternity issues.

Efforts by this writer to reach out to Wunmi to get her reaction to the development proved abortive as her mobile number was not reachable.

A source close to the embattled mother of one said her lawyer would speak on the summons when it has been ascertained that it was legit and emanated from the right place.