The Future Of Nigeria Lies In Sports- Minister of Sports Devt.


The Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Enoh, has stated that the future of Nigeria lies in sports.

The minister stated this in a recent interview where he discussed his tenure, financial challenges, grassroots development plans, and the state of sports facilities.

Reflecting on his 100 days in office, Senator Enoh described the sports sector as filled with passionate and enthusiastic individuals. He emphasized the sector’s importance to the country’s future and its expectation for government and private sector support.

When asked about the allocated budget, Senator Enoh acknowledged the financial challenges faced by the sports sector, highlighting the need for additional funding from private and public partnerships.

Regarding the current state of sports infrastructure, he expressed concerns about the dire condition of existing facilities, citing examples of stadiums in Abuja, Lagos, and Ibadan that require significant investment for maintenance and development.

On the topic of private-sector collaboration, Senator Enoh emphasised the vital role of such partnerships in revitalizing sports infrastructure. He also discussed the ongoing concession process for the Lagos stadium, expressing his hopes for modernization and improved facilities.

Senator Enoh stressed the importance of grassroots sports development, acknowledging the country’s historical focus on elite competitions. He emphasized the need for investment in facilities and infrastructure at the grassroots level to support the development of future talents.

In a proactive approach to address this challenge, Senator Enoh outlined his ministry’s ongoing initiative to engage National Assembly members in attracting sports infrastructure and facilities to their constituencies, highlighting the potential positive impact on local communities.

In conclusion, Senator Enoh’s insights shed light on the critical role sports play in Nigeria’s future and the need for strategic partnerships and investments to ensure its development.