PDP Sues For Peace, Unity In Nasarawa after Supreme Court Judgement protests


The opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Nasarawa state has implored all citizens to embrace the supreme court judgment to enhance peace, unity, and development of the state.

The party has also declared that it has given up in line with the judgment of the Supreme Court because they have been asked to do so by the Supreme Court through its verdict.

The Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP in the state, Francis Orogu who stated this in Lafia, asked the citizens to ignore what has happened but insisted that the residents must continue to live in peace and allow God to take his position in the state.

“The governor of Nasarawa State Abdullahi Sule who was confirmed the governor by the power of the supreme court has also chosen the power of the lower court to imprison the women for carrying out peaceful protest which is their constitutional right,” he stated.

“These women were always praying to God in a manner that they subjected themselves to imprisonment, sleeping outside at the secretariat of the party for nine months, beaten by mosquitoes and stung by ants and other things.”

“We had several malaria cases, at a point we tried our best to feed them once a day because the crowd was much we couldn’t have afforded anything more than that and they had the determination to take care of themselves, they stood here for nine months in reaction to what they believed is the right thing,” Orogu explained.

“What Governor Sule has forgotten is that even though he is the governor declared by the supreme court and not by the power of the highest God we have nothing to say,” he further said.

“ I am sure the women will encourage themselves to continue praying against all kinds of impunity and oppressions and you know this are women whether you like it or not, they have a special place in the heart of God, especially widows,” the opposition PDP Chairman declared.

Orugo further appealed to the women to remain calm and ask other NGOs who have something to do with any political party to look into this matter.

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