Democracy Day Celebrations: Hon. Godwin Offiono Hails Nigerians, Preaches Unity

Today, on Democracy Day, Hon. Godwin Offiono, representing Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency, pays tribute to Nigeria’s fallen heroes who fought tirelessly for our rights and freedoms, which are essential to our strong democratic governance and the country’s existence. He commends Nigerians for their dedication to national unity, progress, and cohesion.

The lawmaker acknowledges the struggles of our brave men and women for Nigeria’s liberation, which has brought us to where we are today. He encourages Nigerians to continue to hold the country in high esteem, with hope and trust for a better future.

Despite the economic challenges and difficulties faced by Nigerians, he urges the government at all levels to intensify efforts in addressing pressing issues affecting the citizens. As a representative, he promises to remain vocal and supportive of a peaceful and progressive Nigeria, advocating for the interests of his constituents and Nigerians at large on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Happy Democracy Day celebrations!