UN Court To Rule On Genocide Case Against Israel


The UN’s top court could issue emergency measures ordering Israel to halt its military operations in Gaza.

The session of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Friday is part of a case brought by South Africa alleging that Israel is committing genocide.

Both countries testified when the case opened two weeks ago. Israel has vehemently rejected the allegation.

A ruling against Israel is not enforceable by the court but would be politically significant.

More than 25,000 Palestinians mostly women and children have been killed and tens of thousands injured, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza, since Israel began its offensive, triggered by Hamas attack on October 7.

South Africa, which strongly supports the Palestinians, asked the court to issue nine provisional measures, including a halt to military activity by Israel, while it considers the accusation of genocide. A ruling on the latter is not expected for a long time, possibly years.

Israel reacted with outrage to the genocide allegation, accusing South Africa of distorting the truth. It said it had a right to defend itself and was targeting Hamas fighters, not Palestinian civilians.