Tinubu Receives CAN Leadership, Vows To Tackle Corruption


Nigeria’s President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu says his administration will not relent in addressing Corruption and other vices.

He said It remained a sacred duty to ensure that the country is repositioned for the prosperity of all Nigerians.

Speaking when he received a delegation of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), led by its President, Archbishop Daniel Okoh, President Tinubu emphasised the role of faith leaders in fostering unity and peace in the country.

He called on Christian leaders to support the administration’s ongoing fight against corruption by encouraging Nigerians to have a change of mindset on money-related matters.

President Tinubu said; “We have no other country but Nigeria. If you do not preach the sermon of understanding, tolerance, perseverance, and hope for Nigerians, you are doing damage to the country, and nobody will help us repair it.

“Let us dialogue because public condemnation of a nation is not what makes any citizen a good one. We must admonish Nigerians to have a change of mindset and not to make money our god or master. I believe we will get to the Promised Land, and Nigeria will flourish.”

“We are here to listen, and if you observe any inadequacies in my government, let us know. I am here today because of your prayers and the will of God Almighty. What I have challenged myself to do each day is to be fair to all Nigerians. I have had several criticisms, including the rationale behind the size of my cabinet. If you want efficient, mobile, and resourceful people, we have to give people a load they can carry. If you combine too many ministries because you want to save money, you will have a future of non-performance and no results,” he explained.

“Nigeria needs to turn the corner to grow, and we must give people challenges they can manage, and that is what we are doing,” the President firmly stated.

In his remarks, Archbishop Okoh urged President Tinubu not to relent in his efforts to provide good governance by ensuring security, inclusivity, and peaceful co-existence in the country.

He said; “You have extended a hand of fellowship to us, and we embrace you and your family with the love of Christ and promise to partner with you in nation-building, for the task is quite daunting. You will not stumble, and you will not fall. We believe that you have the sagacity to give leadership in battling our challenges and in turning around the fortunes of our nation, Nigeria, within a short time. You have shown that you are a listening leader, and we appreciate this.”

“CAN has maintained an active presence at all levels from the national to the grassroots, and we have remained non-partisan. You will always find our association as a ready and willing partner in nation-building,” Okoh added.


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