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Editorial: Governor Bassey Otu’s Attendance at Davos 2024 – A Catalyst for Cross River’s Growth

The World Economic Forum (WEF) 2024 which held on January 14-19, 2024, themed “Rebuilding Trust,” offered significant commendation for the efforts of Professor Klaus Schwab and his partners. The conference, continuing the trust-building theme from WEF 2022, encompassed four vital sub-themes:

-Achieving security and cooperation in a fractured world,

-Creating growth and jobs for a new era

-Artificial intelligence as a driving force for the economy and society and

-A long-term strategy for climate, nature, and energy.

Nevertheless, the annual meeting presented another dimension for commendations especially for Cross River governor, Bassey Otu. In the heart of the nation’s paradise lies Cross River state, a region rich in cultural diversity, economic potential, and natural beauty. Governor Otu’s participation in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2024 in Davos has opened a promising chapter for Cross River, casting a spotlight on the state’s opportunities for growth and development.

Governor Bassey Otu’s presence at Davos 2024 marks a significant stride for Cross River. His participation underscores the state’s commitment to engaging on a global scale. This move brings attention to the untapped potential within Cross River, offering a platform for economic partnerships, cultural exchange, and showcasing the state’s unique offerings.

Economic Opportunities

Cross River boasts immense economic potential, encompassing sectors like agriculture, tourism, and commerce. Governor Otu’s involvement in Davos provides an avenue to attract foreign investments, establish strategic partnerships, and explore avenues for sustainable economic growth. The state’s 18 Local Government Areas present a diverse range of opportunities waiting to be harnessed.

The state is endowed with abundant natural resources including gold, uranium, iron ore, tin ore, manganese, titanium, limestone, salt, coal, muscovite, kaoline, crude oil, lead zinc, feldspar, quartz, barite, diamond, graphite, pyrite, talc schist, rutile, tourmaline, amethyst, spring water, granite, bentonite, clay, and iron ore (hematite).

Cultural Wealth

Beyond economic endeavors, Cross River’s cultural richness is a gem waiting to be discovered. With its diverse ethnic groups, traditional festivals, and historical landmarks, the state has the potential to become a cultural hub. Governor Otu’s participation at a global stage like Davos opens doors for cultural exchange programs and initiatives, further establishing Cross River as a center for artistic and traditional expressions.

Climate and Geography

Blessed with a tropical climate and a diverse geographical landscape, Cross River exhibits a wide range of climatic conditions. From the high plateaus of Obudu with cool temperatures to the coastal city of Calabar experiencing significant rainfall, the state’s varied environment reflects its ecological richness.

Looking Forward

As we reflect on Governor Bassey Otu’s presence at Davos 2024, the Cross River South Consultative Forum sees immense possibilities for our beloved state. This is not just a representation; it is an opportunity to redefine Cross River’s narrative, attract investments, and foster collaborations that will propel us into a future marked by sustainable development, cultural vibrancy, and economic prosperity.

Cross River, with its unique blend of history, climate, and cultural diversity, is ready to take center stage. With Governor Otu at the forefront, the world glimpses the untapped potential within our borders. As we navigate the path ahead, let us unite in our aspirations for a Cross River that shines on the global stage, a beacon of growth, diversity, and limitless possibilities.


Eyo Nsa Ekpo Esq., 

Hon Joseph E. Etene Esq., 

Prof Emmanuel Eyo Esq, 

Hon Victor Okon, 

Sir Maurice Effiwatt, 

Hon. Ada Charles Egwu, 

Rev James Anam, and 

Hon Ani Esin.

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