C’River North Senator vows to recover allegedly looted funds from company linked to the Ayades


The Senator representing Cross River North Senatorial District, Dist. Sen. Jarigbe Agom has vowed to approach anti-graft agencies in a bid to revover allegedly looted funds linked to some companies owned by former Governor Ben Ayade’s  Family members.

Jarigbe in a Facebook post Today(Sunday), stated that, his earlier publication about the former governor was not a personal battle but a patriotic call as a Citizen who has privileged information on some activities of the past administration as contained in an audit report by the Office of the Auditor General of the state.

The Post reads; 

 I have read what is intended to be a rejoinder from Sen Ayade through his proxies and pseudo-Facebook accounts. I can see that Ayade is dwelling on allegations he cannot substantiate against me. If anyone has anything against me, please get the right Security Agency informed, just as I am preparing my facts and evidence to ask that we get our common patrimony back from Sen Ayade and his family.”

For those who think they are self-acclaimed Puritans and are questioning why I should want to look into the fleecing away of our State’s Resources, I wish to state here that your attempt is futile because I am not deterred. Where were you guys when Ayade brought his Security to fire live ammunition at our people, who just came to vote in a Primary Election between two of his own brothers from the North because he wanted the seat held for himself? Our brother from Ukelle was killed and some got crippled. My promise to the victims was that I was not going to give up and I will not, while we continue to pray for the repose of the Souls of the departed. Where were you guys when Ayade ran against me in the last election, got defeated and dragged me through all the Courts to steal the Mandate the people of the North gave to me ? You guys did not know we were all brothers from the North ? Where were you guys when Ayade reduced Cross River State to a family business for 8 years? Where were you guys when AYADE’s only goal was to become the richest Man in Cross River State, while our retired Parents couldn’t afford their blood pressure medications, due to the non payment of gratuities and pensions? 

I promise our people that I will stay with the issues and not bother about going personal like Ayade is doing, at his age. Our people know me. I didn’t just happen, likewise Ayade, so we can’t mislead the people. We all know the families we come from and the likely tendencies, judging from our upbringing. 

You guys who think Ayade is a Saint, I want to ask you a question- Who crafted the Petition against Betta Edu to the Senate when she was nominated for confirmation by the President for the position of Minister? I was the one who stood up to speak and affirm her legitimacy on the floor of the Senate, even as a PDP Senator. That’s patriotism. Patriotism is not protecting a man who plundered our resources and remains incorrigible. 

If he only returns the funds queried by the Audited Reports , I will not bother anymore. Let only messrs Leophina, a Company owned by the Ayades return funds that were queried by the Auditor’s Report. I did not carry out the audit but it was carried out by the Office of the Auditor General of Cross River State and we have the Reports and several other evidence.