Sports Devt. Minister Marks 100 Days in Office, Pledges Ongoing Commitment to Progress and Development

The Honourable Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh has commemorated a significant milestone of 100 days in office, a period marked by notable strides and unwavering dedication to advancing sports development in Nigeria.

Reflecting on this milestone, the former lawmaker  emphasized the accomplishments achieved and the continuous pursuit of progress lying ahead.

A release by the media department of the Federal Ministry of Sports Development reads;

Thus far in his tenure, Senator Enoh has orchestrated several impactful initiatives aimed at fostering growth and excellence within Nigeria’s sports sector. While the list is endless, some achievements within the first 100 days include:

Fostering Grassroots Development: The Minister has promoted initiatives aimed at promoting grassroots development. He restructured the National Youth Games to stay true as a fit-for-purpose, enforcing age cap for the Games (U-15). Moreso, plans have been underway to revamp school sports in the country, so as to re-establish the system of talent manufacturing at school level.

Establishment of Anti-Doping Commission:

In a bold move to strengthen the battle against doping in sports, the Honourable Minister has pledged an unyielding commitment to fast-track the submission of the National Anti-Doping Commission Establishment Bill to the Federal Executive Council and the National Assembly for ratification within the forthcoming weeks. Having a legislation that sets up the National Anti-Doping Commission is going to be one of the clearest and strongest actions that the country would have taken to tackle doping.

NSIP Adoption: In a move that shows progressiveness, Senator Enoh adopted the National Sports Industry Policy, as a framework that could propel sports in the country. The Minister aligned the policy’s ideals on investment, infrastructure and incentive with his approach on sports development and sports for development. The double power of this intersection has shown tremendous potential to change Nigeria’s sport landscape.

NIS and TETFUND Partnership: In a landmark move towards advancing training of coaches in Nigeria, the Minister fostered a strategic partnership between the National Institute for Sports (NIS) and the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND). Amongst other things, the collaboration will aim to elevate the standard of coaching training, foster extensive research initiatives, and bolster funding opportunities geared towards enhancing coaches’ education across the nation.

Adopting the 10-year Football Masterlan: The masterplan encompasses strategies and frameworks to address multiple facets of football development, including grassroots participation, talent identification, infrastructure enhancement, coaching and education, governance, and international competitiveness.

The 100-day milestone represents a foundation for Senator John Owan Enoh’s continuous commitment to driving transformative changes within Nigeria’s sports landscape.