Works Minister Gives Contractors 14 Days Ultimatum To Return To Site nationwide

 Road Contractors in Nigeria have been given a 14-day ultimatum to return to the site or face termination of the Contract.

Minister of Works, Senator David Umahi issued the ultimatum at a meeting with local and foreign contractors in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

Senator Umahi added that contractors who have not finished their jobs will not be allowed to bid for new contracts in the new projects recently approved by the president.

“The first is to direct all contractors back to the site within 14 days and this directive is in line with the contract. After 14 days and contractors have not fully mobilised to the site, I will issue letters of termination and this is very clear. No more negotiation and this is very important. I am pleading that you respect our position and challenges and please move to the site to do permanent work. 

“Palliative works should not stop permanent jobs. Equipment for palliative should be different for permanent work. 

“If you want me to process your certificate or if you want me to pay you mobilisation, please obey us. 

“Let me announce that we are going to deploy strict measures. Every contractor going back to the site must give us programme of work. No programme of work, no processing of certificate. 

“But after 14 days, you will see local contractors move to your site and they will do it and they will do very good work” 

“Mr President just approved 60 jobs and we will start the designing and the profiling. So, if you can finish your jobs quickly, you will be part of the bidding but if you can’t finish your job, you can’t bid and we won’t differentiate between expatriate and local contractors. The house must submit to the new policy of the Federal Ministry of Works” Umahi said.

He added that companies with up to four ongoing projects with the Ministry of Works will not get a new project until they have completed the ongoing projects.

The Minister further lamented the quality of equipment the contractors are using, explaining that in the last 10 years, not up to five percent of new equipment has been imported into the country.

“I asked the internal affairs about the importation of equipment and in the last 10 years, not up to five percent of new equipment have been imported into this country. So, where is the equipment you are using to do all these multiple jobs you are doing” he asked.

Senator Umahi told the contractors that they would no longer be allowed to spend up to 17 to 20 years on a project as done in the past.