Hon. Neji Abang Distribute Sanitary Pads to Empower Girls on International Day of the Girl Child


The member representing Ikom 1 State Constituency in the Cross River House of Assembly, Hon. Neji Abang, and the Woman Leader of the National Association of Ikom Student Associations, Sen. Ofuka Emmanuella, teamed up to commemorate the International Day of the Girl Child in a truly impactful manner.

The collaborative effort was the distribution of sanitary pads to girls across the Ikom local government area, an initiative that speaks volumes about their dedication to girls’ health and empowerment.

Hon. Neji Abang, who also holds the position of Minority Leader in the 10th assembly, underlined the significance of providing sanitary pads to girls. He stressed that many girls in Ikom cannot afford these essential products, forcing them to use alternatives that may jeopardize their health. He emphasized that giving girls access to sanitary pads is a form of empowerment, ensuring they can manage their menstrual hygiene without compromising their well-being.

Further, Hon. Abang urged every girl child to visit their nearest health center to obtain free sanitary pads, promoting not only their physical health but also their dignity and self-confidence. In his message, he congratulated girls worldwide on the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child and emphasized the need to prioritize and provide equal rights and opportunities to this pivotal demographic, describing them as “home builders.”

Sen. Ofuka Emmanuella, representing the women of the National Association of Ikom Students, expressed gratitude to Hon. Neji Abang for his support and partnership in this endeavor. She assured him that the sanitary pads would be distributed evenly across all health centers in the Ikom area, ensuring that girls have access to these essential products in a convenient and equitable manner.

Sen. Ofuka Emmanuella also offered her heartfelt prayers for Hon. Neji Abang, hoping that his benevolence would be rewarded with even more blessings.