Quits Aviation denies Tampering with Gov. Adeleke’s aircraft

 The Management of Quits Aviation has refuted claims of tampering with the Bombardier Challenger 605 aircraft, registration marks 5N-ATA belonging to Dr Deji Adeleke, the elder brother of Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke.

They insisted that the aircraft was under 24-hour security surveillance and CCTV footage showed no record of tampering as insinuated.

It was reported that Governor Adeleke was scheduled to fly from Lagos to Abuja on his brother’s private jet but the pilot had to call it off after discovering a fault in the engine.

However, contrary to reports that the engine exploded after taxing, Governor Adeleke’s spokesperson, Olawale Rasheed, disclosed that a loud noise was heard just after taxing on the tarmac.

He also described excuse given by the owners of the hanger that a bird nest within the engine led to the fault, saying there are strong reasons to believe that the two engines in the aircraft were tampered with.

But in a statement made available to Vanguard, the management of Quits Aviation stated that the company is a reputable aviation entity boasting of its 12 years experience with Aircraft Management, Aircraft Maintenance, Operations and Handling services.

The statement reads: “Under an aircraft parking agreement with the owner/operator of aircraft (Bombardier Challenger 605, registration marks 5N-ATA), Quits Aviation is responsible to provide suitable and secured parking space at its premises, whilst the owner/operator is responsible for the technical parking procedures in accordance with the respective Aircraft Maintenance Manuals.

“The aircraft was parked at Quits Aviation premises prior to the date of the incident on 04.09.2023. During parking, the aircraft was under 24-hour security surveillance and there is no record of observed tampering, or security infringements.

“According to CCTV footage observed, the following can be confirmed: On the day of the flight (04.09.2023) at approximately 08:45, the aircraft was towed from its parked position and repositioned close to the Legend Business Hangar to begin with flight preparation procedures.

“It is confirmed that the aircraft had been parked with no engine cover protection. Except for the towing movement, there was no other interference to its airframe or engines.

“At approximately 13:18 of the same day, the aircraft doors were opened for flight preparation activities until the aircraft departed for its intended flight at approximately at 15:20.

“The aircraft later returned to the ramp, eventually to then leave the Quits Aviation premises at approximately 17:12.

“Quits Aviation regrets the incident and confirms its full cooperation with relevant stakeholders and authorities performing investigating the incident.

“In promotion of safety, Quits Aviation recommends to its tenants to park aircraft in strict compliance with the Aircraft Maintenance Manual Procedures, requiring that open orifices and engines are always covered to prevent Foreign Object Damage or infestation.”