Legislative Wives Association honours C’River Speaker, Commits to Collaboration


 The Legislative Wives Association (LEWA) made a significant visit to the Speaker of Cross River State House of Assembly. Led by her President, Mrs. Nelly Ayambem, the wife of the Speaker of the House, the group bestowed an award of honor upon the Speaker.

The Association described Speaker Ayambem as a people-centered Speaker. The group’s spokesperson expressed their dedication to providing all necessary support to enable Assembly members to perform their duties effectively.

Furthermore, LEWA expressed a keen interest in establishing valuable partnerships with the Assembly, aligning their programs with the government’s objectives, and collaborating closely with the Office of the Wife of the Governor, Her Excellency, Rev. Mrs. Eyoanwan Bassey Otu.

During their visit, the women offered prayers for Speaker Ayambem, encouraging him to continue being receptive to the plights of the people. They emphasized their role as wives in providing valuable feedback on the pulse of the masses, ensuring that the Assembly remains connected to the needs and concerns of the public.

In response, Speaker Ayambem expressed his gratitude for the show of solidarity and recognized the importance of the support from critical stakeholders, including the wives of Assembly members. He highlighted that such support is vital in creating a harmonious environment that allows members to excel both in their families and as public servants.

This is not only to strengthens the bonds within the legislative community but also underscores the shared commitment to the welfare of the people of Cross River State.