Hon. Achadu takes action on Ujama & Benekaba communal crisis, seeks peaceful resolution

The member representing Yala2 State Constituency in the Cross River State House of Assembly Hon. Dr Achadu Ogiji Martins yesterday, 10th September, 2023. has adopted a resolution peace and reconciliation meeting between Ujama and Benekaba.

The honorable member call on the State Government to deploy security agents to Ujama and Benekaba for constant patrol and to prevent further destruction of lives and property in the communities.

The Law maker further engage the leaders and stakeholders of Ukelle communities meeting towards finding a lasting solution to the crisis. 

While calling on State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) and its state counterpart, to send relief materials to victims of the crisis.

The press statement made through the media and publicity of the Honorable member said, “The entire Ukelle Nation took a resolutions that, any community found shooting or trespassing would be book by the law”.

The Law maker lamented on the wanton destruction of properties (Farm Crops) in the area, and disclosed that, the act was indeed animalistic, barbaric and unwanted. They expressed regrets and describes the crisis between Ujama and Benekaba as a Sister community crisis, adding that urgent steps must be taken to stop the wanton destruction of lives and properties.”

Mr. Isaac Okpokpo also appreciated Chief Henry Onwe, the member representing Yala 2 State Constituency in the Cross River State House of Assembly Hon. Martins Achadu, and the HOLGA, who tried their best for the quick responding.

Thus, today meeting was held in the instance of Hon. Dr. Martins Achadu Ogiji, Rt.Hon.mom Olom, Barr.Egoro, Mr. Isaac Okpokpo,Chief Henry onwe, Hon. John Ulafor, the SEMA director, village Chiefs and other opinion leaders, women and youths from all the clans and communities of Ukelle Nation.

Barr. Egoro narrated the bond relationship between Benekaba and Ujama communities from the time of creation and shaded tears for the urgely situation and appeal for an everlasting resolution to put an end to this predicament.

 After much deliberations from our respected chiefs and various leaders, the meeting came up with the following resolutions:

That all the chairmen of the various ten villages that makes up Utrigom clan must meet in collaboration of Etinakama Laws and regulations to maintain peace for the time being.

 A strict warning was sent to the two communities to cease firing henceforth, and any Community found trespassing would face the wrath of Law and the entire Ukelle Nation.

Thus, the security personnel have arrested some men from Benekaba and Ujama, and there have been taken to ogoja barrack, which Hon. Achadu and chief Henry Onwe have endured their release.

Conclusively, 14th September was slated for another meeting at Mfuma by 10 am. 

Furthermore, Hon. Achadu took time after the reconciliation meeting to visit the hospital to see the injured Benekaba brother, the MP donated money for his treatment.